T Ball-2 / Coach Pitch


1.      Do not keep score, have fun, and teach and encourage the kids.

2.      Teach and encourage good sportsmanship.

3.      Game times are 5:30 and 6:30. Play 3 innings or 50 minutes. Players and parents are responsible to clean up the bench area, and remove all gear from dugout area to allow the next game to start on time.

4.      Coaches pitch, catch, and umpire games. Coaches are encouraged to be on the field coaching.

5.      Coaches will pitch. Each batter gets three pitches before the ball is put on the tee. Batters get two swings to hit from the tee, if both attempts are missed, batter returns to the dugout.

6.      All players bat each inning. Batting order is to be changed for each game.

7.      Only batters are to swing bats.

8.      All players play in the field every inning. Change positions each inning.

9.      Base runners are to advance only one base when the ball is hit. No sliding or colliding at bases. Plays can be made at home.

10.  If an out is made, the runner is out, and will return to the dugout.

11.  The last batter will run around all bases to end the inning. 

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